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Did you find a Wendy?

Below you will find a list of famous people named Wendy.  I’ve made efforts to put the link to the most direct means of accessing the Wendy, but not all of them have a web presence or are on social media, so in those cases I put the most comprehensive reference I could find. I’m still adding as I find them, but if you run across one before me, feel free to send me email asking for someone to be added to the list.

Add a Wendy!

Wendy Barrie, Actress

Wendy Bentley, YouTuber

Wendy Calio, Actress (twitter)

Wendy Cope, Poet

Wendy Craig, Actress

Wendy Crewson, Actress

Wendy Cruz, Cyclist

Wendy Davis, Politician

Wendy Finerman, Film Producer

Wendy Fitzwilliam, Model

Wendy Frew, Athlete

Wendy Gonzalez, Actress (twitter)

Wendy Harmer, Radio Host

Wendy Hiller, Actress

Wendy Hughes, Actress

Wendy Kaplan, Actress

Wendy Kaufman, Cultural Icon

Wendy Kopp, Entrepreneur

Wendy Lawrence, Astronaut

Wendy Liebman, Comedian (twitter)

Wendy Macleod, Playwright

Wendy Makkena, Actress

Wendy Mass, Children’s Author


Wendy Melvoin, Composer

Wendy Mesley, News Anchor

Wendy Moniz, Actress

Wendy Moten, Singer

Wendy Nuess, Film Producer

Wendy Padbury, Actress

Wendy Pepper, Fashion Designer

Wendy Phillips, Actress

Wendy Rastattar, Actress

Wendy Richard, Actress

Wendy Robie, Actress

Wendy Raquel Robinson, TV Actress

Wendy Schaal, Voice Actor

Wendy Sulca, Singer

Wendy Thomas, Cultural Icon

Wendy Ward, Golfer

Wendy Wasserstein, Playwright

Wendy Turner Webster, Radio Host

Wendy Whelan, Dancer

Wendy Whoppers, Porn Star

Wendy Williams, TV Show Host (twitter)

Wendy Wilson, Singer (twitter)

Wendy York, Actress (twitter) (tumblr)